"Wise words. But also weak ones!"
—Representative Jedda, Love and War

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[Thumbnail: Night of a Million Zillion Ryans]
“Mr. Eramond, I presume?” A very cool collection of art showcasing Ryan, from artist hatori0322!
[Thumbnail: Ryan on the hunt]
Ryan Eramond, a few years younger and dressed for business about town. By Arcan-Anzas.
[Thumbnail: Ryan on the hunt]
Ryan Eramond, on the hunt! By Akubaka.
[Thumbnail: Ryan Eramond doesn’t look at explosions]
Ryan, ever cool and collected under fire. By Akubaka.
[Thumbnail: Ryan, from multiple angles]
A picture of Ryan, from multiple angles! By Jikko.
[Thumbnail: Back to school]
Entitled “Back to School,” by Reirei18.
[Thumbnail: Ryan in Love and 24]
Art of Ryan Eramond, looking pretty stylish! Drawn by Jikko.
[Thumbnail: Ryan in Love and 24]
Ryan Eramond is running out of time! By Skie Fortress.
[Thumbnail: Ryan]
A sketch of Ryan. Drawn by Boobledeeboo.
[Thumbnail: Ryan with a sword]
A rough sketch of Ryan, with sword. Drawn by Tatsuya.
[Thumbnail: Ryan]
Ryan’s face. Looks like he’s gotten a tan! Drawn by Puppet.
[Thumbnail: Ryan in the Davenport graveyard]
Ryan in the Davenport graveyard, probably in a melancholy mood. Drawn by Hero Bash.
[Thumbnail: Ryan sketch]
Fan art of Ryan. Drawn by Keota.


[Thumbnail: Lavie on a swing]
Lavie, having a good time on a swing. Wonderfully done! By LeonardoAmaya, with coloring assistance by llGuroNekoll!
[Thumbnail: Lavie with a pinwheel]
Lavie with a pinwheel. Is it a windy day? By Yupachu.
[Thumbnail: Cherry blossom Lavie]
Lavie waits, in front of a cherry blossom tree… By Maya-nyan.
[Thumbnail: 3D Lavie]
Lavie, entering the third dimension?! By PGandara.
[Thumbnail: Morning Lavie]
Good morning, Lavie! By IDamiant.
[Thumbnail: Sea Lavie]
I see, Lavie, by the sea! By Arcan Anzas.
[Thumbnail: Hmph!]
…Hmph! By Akubaka.
[Thumbnail: Lavie at the beach]
Can’t let summer pass by without celebrating a bit! By Akubaka.
[Thumbnail: Vibrant Lavie]
A most vibrant looking Lavie. By Akubaka.
[Thumbnail: Moe?]
Lavie, looking quite moe indeed! By Harutaka.
[Thumbnail: Lovely Lavie]
The lovely Lavie of Davenport. By Jikko.
[Thumbnail: Lavie adjusts her ribbon]
Lavie adjusts her ribbon with care. Drawn by Jikko.
[Thumbnail: Lavie]
The demure damsel of Davenport. Drawn by Jikko.
[Thumbnail: Lavie dressed up for fall]
The many moods of Lavender Regale. Drawn by Bic.
[Thumbnail: Lavie dressed up for fall]
Lavie, dressed up for Autumn’s cool weather. By King-sama.
[Thumbnail: Painting of Lavie]
Lavie frolics in the warm summer sun! By Flame of Hope.
[Thumbnail: Painting of Lavie]
A nifty painting of Lavie, in warm colors. Is she trying out contacts and a wig? Drawn by Boobledeeboo.
[Thumbnail: Lavie, in lavender]
Lavie, in lavender. Drawn by Christi-chan.
[Thumbnail: Lavie looking grim]
Lavie, in a grim mood? Drawn by Gotmilkxtreme2.
[Thumbnail: Lavie looking not-so-grim]
Looks like everything’s fine after all! Drawn by Gotmilkxtreme2.
[Thumbnail: Stylized Lavie]
An “evil younger Lavie,” apparently drawn using a new technique. By Gotmilkxtreme2.
[Thumbnail: Lavie being cute]
Lavie, cute as always, but with purple eyes for some reason. Contacts, maybe? By Gotmilkxtreme2.
[Thumbnail: A young Lavie with a young Mr. Bear]
A quick sketch of Lavie in younger years, holding Mr. Bear. Drawn by Mac Chaos.
[Thumbnail: Lavender Regale concept art]
Concept art of Lavender Regale. A bird hovers nearby, ready to attack Lavie’s enemies, no doubt. Drawn by Alston Images.
[Thumbnail: Lavie sketch]
Lavie, not in the best of moods. What have you done now, Ryan? Drawn by Tatsuya.
[Thumbnail: Lavie]
Lavie, looking spirited and happy, as always. Drawn by Tatsuya, colored by Admiral Styles with assistance from Mac Chaos.
[Thumbnail: Lavie with a bow]
A quick sketch of Lavie with a longbow. Drawn by Mac Chaos.


[Thumbnail: Marianne Robertson]
A slightly “remixed” outfit for Marianne Robertson, by Akubaka!
[Thumbnail: Gustav Eramond]
Another black and white piece from artist Arcan-Anzas, this one depicting Gustav Eramond! Inspired, I believe, by classical portraits of generals, admirals, and the like. Pretty darn awesome, if I do say so myself!
[Thumbnail: Anime Juno]
A screenshot from the Love and War anime! (…if only!) By HONEYxPOISON.
[Thumbnail: Sheila Eramond]
Ryan’s mother, Sheila Eramond! By Arcan-Anzas.
[Thumbnail: Juno, ready to rock and/or roll!]
Juno, sword drawn, ready to deal out vengeance! By Arcan-Anzas.
[Thumbnail: Stolid Henrik]
The stolid Henrik, of Davenport. By Arcan-Anzas.
[Thumbnail: Jaina Vellin]
Someone a little different: Jaina Vellin. By Miyuki Tsukino.
[Thumbnail: Armin and Lavie]
A picture of Armin and Lavie. I don’t think she’s buying what you’re selling, Armin… By Arcan-Anzas.
[Thumbnail: Sigmund Regale]
Lavie’s pops, Sigmund Regale. By Akubaka.
[Thumbnail: Foxy lady]
The sly fox of Davenport, Marianne. By Jikko.
[Thumbnail: Gustav Eramond]
A look at Ryan’s grandfather, Gustav Eramond! By Jikko.
[Thumbnail: Juno]
The young vengeful warrior, Juno. By King-sama.
[Thumbnail: Chibi Juno]
Juno, now in chibi size! By King-sama.
[Thumbnail: Ryan, Lavie, Henrik, Armin, Juno, and Marianne]
Ryan, Lavie, Henrik, Armin, Juno, and Marianne together in a cool piece of fan art! Drawn by Chibolate.
[Thumbnail: Armin]
Armin, certainly not afraid of the creatures in the Alton Moor. Drawn by Taima Matsumushi.
[Thumbnail: Henrik Spenson]
Henrik with sword drawn, ready to face anything. Drawn by Hero Bash.
[Thumbnail: Admiral Styles]
Fan art of me?! Now I’ve seen everything! Drawn by Mac Chaos.

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